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We construct web design, web development that save you time, create leads and keep you forward of the opposition. Ensuring our web design and web development work bring ‘wow’ responses from clients. Improve your business or service by growing website traffic and delivering excellent user friendly experience. The way we work is important in the victory of the project. From accepting your communication problems to the finishing, our tools and approaches will support simplify your life.

Unlimited Revisions

Our team will continue to work on your Web design until you love it. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction until you choose the best.

Dedicated Designer

We assign a dedicated web design expert that specializes in communicating ideas to get exactly what you see in your mind's eye.

Page Layout

Web design page layout deals with the arrangement of elements on a page, such as image, text, colours and design style.

User Skill Design

User experience in Web design considers how a user interacts with and responds to an interface, service or product.

Web Design Creativity

Our Ui Designer's are very creative and they can come up with new and exciting ideas for Web design Sri Lanka.

Knows Audience

Our expert understands that different audiences respond to different images and integrate this into Web design.

Web design team

We build Responsive Web Design

As a leading Web Design Company In Sri Lanka, we believe building online businesses, not just Web Design, or Web development in Sri Lanka. We're committed to support you develop on the extended run. Our team of Web Design & Web Development Experts, photographers, videographers, copywriters and digital marketing specialist’s guarantees you get the accurate combination of properties to permit your industry online.

As a leading Web Design Company in Colombo, Sri Lanka offers an high-class web design facilities such as inspired website design, specialized website design, dynamic website design and HTML5 website design With industries construction more development on the Internet nowadays, it is important that your website survives up to the standards of clients and troubled people identical. An outstanding web design Sri Lanka is always likely to mark it stand out between your challengers, giving you the control. At Kanara (Pvt) Ltd web Design Company in Colombo, we are extremely skilled at web design in Sri Lanka and know the essentials behaviors of it. Give your web design responsibilities to our specialists, and see for yourself the transformation we create!

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For maximum companies, mobile traffic now beats desktop, so taking a website that’s steady across all devices is not possible for industries anymore. We design responsive websites that balance and resize to give consumers a constantly perfect understanding across all devices, whether that’s your iPhone, iPad, an Android tablet or your old Windows XP computer

Best web design development outcomes in designs that effortlessly answer across all devices, quick load speeds and a content organization system that is instinctual. Our web design Sri Lanka work in combination with our design team through the complete procedure so that there are no wonders when we reach the development stage.

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Result Giving Web Design Company Sri Lanka

Our web design experts are planned and inspired whether you need to design a new website, progress you’re SEO, generate attractive content or set-up a fresh funded promotion channel, we can drive your commercial to better digital productivity.

Kanara (Pvt) Ltd is top PHP website Development Company in Colombo. PHP is one of the best extensively used common drive open-source scripting programing language which can be fixed into HTML and is particularly matched to website development in Sri Lanka. Freshly, it has been gathering possible and is now measured to be one of the supreme ideal languages used in website development in Sri Lanka.

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What we do as a Web Design Company Sri Lanka


We take countless superiority in separating ourselves from the majority of the current marketplace by providing on Web Design and development schedules and if, on the rare case, we do decrease behind a schedule we let the customer know straight away so that it does not influence other procedures or conclusions.

Scope Consultancy

For more difficult Web Design constructs we propose project scope consultancy, where we have face to face meetings with the clients so that the Web Design requirements are completely recognized and problems resolved. Software and prices can be created along with making a framework for the web design developers


Except requested by the client, mostly we design and develop in the best appropriate CMS (Content Management System) all our Web Design and development in Sri Lanka, so that the customer have the control to modify any content, modernize safety and security, edit or update pictures in the Web Design and much more.

Website Support

Websites need maintenance to secure the CMS (Content Management System) is kept up to date, safety is topmost notch and customers remain to have a good experience. Our web design and development charges will be according the Web Design pages, Website Blogs and speed of the website and secure of the website.

How we do web design

How we do Web Design in Sri Lanka

As a leading Web Design Company In Sri Lanka, we believe building online businesses, not just Web Design, or Web development in Sri Lanka.

How we do Schedule?

Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Feasibility Study, Find Scope of work, Sketch UI, Design Ui

How we do Scope Consultancy?

Update Ui Changes, Get Approval, Develop Web Design, Add Functions

How we select CMS?

Find best CMS, Find best framework, Adding CMS / Framework, Testing, Get feedback, Update if any changes, Push to live

How we support?

Bug Fixing, Adding New Functions, Database Support, 24/7 Customer Service

Web Design Frequently asked questions

HTML – HyperText Markup Language for Base template, CSS – Cascading Style Sheet for Styling, JS – JavaScript for Functionality, PHP – Personal Home Page for Server-side scripting are the main platform used for web design in Sri Lanka.
HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the greatest powerful markup language for structure web pages, websites or anything that is showed in a browser.
CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet” and it supports to accomplish font sizes, styles and color mixtures which are functional on web design. Just say, it gives the general ‘look and feel’ of the website.
It is a file holding the style info which is related to an amount of HTML files. Usually, the external CSS is related using the LINK tag under the HEAD component. Records having the CSS elements should have a related extension, say for example, my-style.css
By using the align composition in the IMG SRC tag. Align can be completed in other ways as align=middle, align=centre, etc.
Document type declaration is a teaching specified to the browser to intimate about the HTML version. It is not case complex and is typically printed at the opening before the html tag, and it does not need end tag. It is significant in the old versions of HTML, whereas for HTML5 is not compulsory to declare it in the opening.
There are about 6 main JavaScript types. It contains:Null, String (include empty strings,””), Undefined, Boolean, Number (include integers and real numbers)
HTML5 is the newest version of HTML. It has got some new features like audio/mp3, video, date select function, canvas, placeholder, 2D/3D graphics, local SQL database which do not need an outside plugin.
H1 tag is for the key title, and a webpage can consume only one H1 component excluding for ARTICLE Or SECTION elements.